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Hurricane Elsa’s Horror Story

Warning this fiction story contains graphic content and blood. 🩸 It’s raining, it’s pouring, I can’t go out and the night is quite boring. Hurricane …


I am a Machine

I long for the sound of the storm and the feeling of rain dripping down back, I long to be held by dark clouds, and …

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The Death of a Dancer

She had learned to move from the wind. It whispered secrets to her and made her spin wild through the sunflower fields. She danced atop …

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Spending 8 Months at a Vipassana Meditation Center

I feel like I was rebirthed into the world. But I had to give birth to myself, and it hurt like a fucking bitch. And …

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Can Witches Really Fly?

Women are witches. It is a story that has long been known to us. We have dreams in the night, sometimes they tell of what …

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