I Trust in Abundant Solutions

The spirit in a body knew that abundant solutions existed everywhere | in the matrix | it was all about touch and play. ./ Solutions …

alien cartoons
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4 Dope Alien Cartoons from the Moon

How could I be thinking about alien drawings and alien cartoons at a time like this?! Unfortunately, Roe v. Wade has been overturned, and the …

Rabbit Holes

Jasper Ai Review: Testing Jasper Ai Technology on Instagram

I am indeed an alien in human form, but how did Jasper Ai guess that? I’ll tell you a short tale of this amazing technology …


My Favorite Uma Thurman Pulp Fiction T-Shirt & Style Guide

The first time I saw Pulp Fiction I thought why in the world have I wasted my mind on anything else? How did the screen …

Yoga Gif
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The Anime Yoga Gif Collection Girls Rule El Mundo 🌎

There have been too many wars on this earth for far too long, and it seems the strongest and most resistant to change is the …

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