Do You Know What You Were Born for?

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If you try to search on Google “What was I born for?” a million little tests and quizzes and even astrological assessments will pop up into your reality.


& you will go about your day finding out what personality type you have, what zodiac sign you are, what your horoscope is and generally what it all means…

_| or doesn’t mean |_





But who are you?


Who are you 





Do you ever close your eyes &  go inside your mind




To find out.




Babe, I read the news today & cried.

I was so sad for all of the people in Turkey and Syria. How wild it must be for those who are still alive after the massive earthquake.


To have lost so many family members and to have so much taken from them overnight. My prayers go out to them, my heart cries for them. 




I wish to be a person whose song and prayer and words 

do nothing 

Speak nothing

Say nothing 

Unless they reach out to help & heal.




I follow

I listen

I am led by the 

GREAT Creator




Here i am, on a mission 

On planet




& anything can happen, tomorrow is not a promise.


Despite all of the socio political action, Mother Earth chooses. She rages and moves to the rhythm of her own body and 


We The People of the United States of America & all the world’s citizens have made her ill.

We poison the hand that feeds us, the ultimate decider of fate.


<       >


< & we look at our phones & watch TV

We play beer pong laughing in her face as the world burns >




This is NOT the time for non-action.

NOW is the time for action.

But that action begins with finding your passion

Find what you were born for instead of falling in distractions

Because what YOU were born for can make a difference, it WILL help this

Planet that we all share heal.




Just Be You.




& if you can’t then stand up and fight for the generations below us.

Teach them art and music and meditation. 

Teach them kindness and healing.

Talk not of what is wrong with others,

Speak upon what is right, and true and brave.

Hop off the bandwagon or hop into 

your grave.






Teach the children of the world to listen to their intuitions,

Their needs and their dreams.


Because only then, when each one of us find true passion, purpose and fulfillment will we have the courage and strength to go against the mold, and do what is right.


< . >




Why do Americans and other wealthy owners of the world get lost in sex, pleasure, and hoarding of resources

Yet find themselves to be






They have no purpose, they see not the purpose that lies 

| within |





Though I am poor I have found my purpose.

I need no wine to drink,

Nor distractions to not think.

Thus I am rich.

Each Morning I wake up and know what it is I was born for.


Thank You, 

Great Mother

I shall sing to your waters and speak with your trees. 






Tell me, what were you
born for babe?☎️

In The Name of the Moon

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