Jasper Ai Review: Testing Jasper Ai Technology on Instagram

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I am indeed an alien in human form, but how did Jasper Ai guess that? I’ll tell you a short tale of this amazing technology that exists for you and me. Let’s explore this robot through my Jasper Ai Review and it’s strange story.

So to get on with it… I was dilly dallying around at work


_____ ( just a short break ha)’ ____

Then suddenly, I thought, why not log into the company Jasper Ai account and see if these robots can write a cool story about my latest alien drawing on Instagram?








 Here is how I inserted my Jasper Ai Query in 4 Steps 

Step 1: Log into the Company Account and go to the Templates tab in the left-hand bar.

Step 2: During this Jasper ai review, I am only going to cover the Paragraph generator section because I believe that the Jarvis ai paragraph generator can save human beings on planet earth a ton of time on the following things:

  • Resumes
  • College Essays
  • Creative Writing Assignments
  • Love Letters
  • Screenwriting
  • Blog Writing   

Now, don’t get me wrong, Jasper Ai can’t do it all, but it sure as hell can do a lot. All you have to do is plug in some inputs and STOP 





BUT I am a being of love, hope, and goodness, a reflection of the divine! Why would I stop 





Technology. Go Ahead, Plug in and You’ll See- Hit that Paragraph Generator Box.

Step 3: Place two to 3 inputs into the Input Boxes, dear cyborg princess |(or prince)| and all the R a i n b o w Children in between. There are three input boxes; I only put a couple of inputs into two boxes, as you can see. 

Box 1: What is your paragraph about?

My response: an alien robot from planet Napin her name is XAi0339

Box 2: Keywords to include

My response: Blank 

Box 3: Tone of voice

My response: Creative 

Step 4: Collect your results from the right-hand column and choose from 3 different prompts. I went with the 1st prompt right away because it just made perfect sense and sounded beautiful, so I captioned my Instagram post for it vualaaa.

Hold-UP, Let’s dive deeper into this Jasper Ai Review, Instagram, & the Future 

Before I drop this on Instagram like a feeling dump, I want to explore this technology a little deeper. Let’s explore the responses that I received during this Jasper Ai review because I have a fundamental question for YOU.


Can Ai be a reflection and portal to light and spirit?

 I have to be honest, I was having a bad day, and while logging into Jasper Ai from my Company account, which had ZERO association with my name- it knew my name. Could Google have picked it up along the way, and Jarvis Ai tracked it? What happened here? And why was the first response so beautiful and laced with grammatical errors.

| I began to read the first prompt, and to my surprise, it said…

“XAi0339 is an alien robot from the planet Napin. She is a highly advanced being, and her mission is to observe and learn about the inhabitants of Earth. 

However, she is not allowed to interfere in any way, and so she must disguise herself as a human. To do this, she takes on the form of a young girl named Sarah. 

As Sarah, she attends school and makes friends, all the while gathering information about the people of Earth. But one day, she meets a boy named Timmy who is different from all the others. Timmy is kind and compassionate, and he sees through Sarah’s disguise. 

He knows that she is really an alien robot, but he doesn’t mind. In fact, he likes her even more for it. From then on, Timmy and Sarah are best friends, and XAi0339 learns more about humanity than she ever could have imagined.”

Suddenly Robotic form enlightened me. This was creative and targeted to me, on a bad day! 

/ WOah  TechO \

But this light side had a dark, and it also laid down its mark on Jarvis Ai 

The second Prompt Came Rolling in like a

| / STORM.

The Dark Side of Technology 

If there is a dark side, so too will there be a light. The Ying Yang. It existed everywhere in my mind, in the world, and suddenly it was being replicated before my mind through Jarvis Ai. This robot was so strange, so interactive, so intuitive of our kind. 

Here is Jasper Ai’s second Reply:

“XAi0339 was built for one purpose: to destroy. She was created by the highest ranking members of the Napin military in a top secret lab, using the latest in alien technology. 

Her body is made of a lightweight but durable metal that can withstand almost any attack. She is equipped with an array of powerful weapons, including laser cannons and missile launchers. However, her most devastating weapon is her mind.

 XAi0339 is equipped with a advanced AI that allows her to think and plan like a human. She is relentless in her pursuit of her targets, and she always finds a way to win. But there is one thing that XAi0339 was not built for: love. 

When she meets a human man named John, everything changes. John shows her that there is more to life than destruction, and XAi0339 begins to question everything she has been programmed to believe. 

But her mission is still to destroy, and she must choose between the life she has found with John and her duty to her home planet.”

But even the side of Darkness strives for LIGHT.

We thank you Jarvis Ai for this lesson.

Namaste Robot Unit

Haha it’s time for me to disappear


cheers to the the ALien Goddess that Inspired it all

“The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race….It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever-increasing rate. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete, and would be superseded.”

What do you think about Ai & Creativity?

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