Speak Your Truth


Do you have a story that is waiting to be told?

A powerful movement, idea, poem, short story,

or right of passage in your mind?

Shedding light on the beauty and wisdom found through

.|this path we call life|.

Shout it to the world & let it be known.

Light Candles as you go

on the Wildest Moon.




How do I Submit?


  • Keep Title Under 60 Characters Long, and Place the Title in the Email Subject Line.ย 
  • Social Links Provided Will be Showcased Below Author.
  • Provide a One to Three Sentence Bio.
  • Specify if you would like your story to remain anonymous.
  • Email your story to [email protected]


Wildest Moon is accepting journalism, stories, and artwork to create a network that joins hands across the globe to shift our ideas of spirituality, compassion, and self awareness.ย