Wilma Mankiller & The Quarter for Women’s Rights

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Wilma Mankiller just made the Quarter. Aside from the fact that she has the awesome last name “Mankiller,” I am not sure this movement prophesies the massive shift in the paradigm that must take place to stop us from destroying planet earth.


Women don’t even get a dollar.


We sure as hell can’t knock a man off the big bills. 

We were the last to get the right to vote via the 19th amendment in 1920. We have stood in the shadows of men, cheering them on with little to no celebration. 

And  the men who came to conquer these lands have yielded a wasteland upon  their return. 

I am not angry with the men whose faces are sealed on paper comedies. They have gifted me with the essence of America Freedom.

A freedom that no other country in the world experiences.  




I am angry that we have not been involved, that our voice continues to be absent in politics and world leadership. 

& the fucking Quarter is our justice?

Let’s Not Discount Wilma Mankiller & Women’s History

I’ll admit, the quarter is a step, and I’m not trying to downplay the incredible role Wilma Mankiller has played in the U.S./Native American Relations.


Let’s talk about who this amazing woman is for a sec. 

Barack Obama said this about her: 

“As the Cherokee Nation’s first female chief, she transformed the Nation-to-Nation relationship between the Cherokee Nation and the Federal Government and served as an inspiration to women in Indian Country and across America. A recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, she was recognized for her vision and commitment to a brighter future for all Americans. Her legacy will continue to encourage and motivate all who carry on her work.” 

Wilma also did a number of other incredible things one being the increase of the Cherokee Nation population from 68,000 to 170,000 during her high chief reign. But ,in order to make her change, she had to stand up to all of the male tribal leaders and basically scream in their face.

She didn’t just earn her position, she outright brought a chair to the table, took her position as leader, and created vital change for her people.

She assisted the Pit River Tribe of California in its legal dispute with Pacific Gas and Electric over the ownership of millions of acres of tribal property. 

 This lawsuit led the way for practical implications of exercising tribal sovereignty and treaty rights, and in some cases basic human rights like access to water.

Rise Up Women

As women, we must learn from her. If a seat is not provided for us in politics, we must take it, and create change. 

We must rise radically and move forward with swift justice. Justice of words, justice of a fair legal system. 

My lovely partner says we must now mobilize for war, not World War III against Russia and China, but World War III against climate change. 

It’s time to heal the planet. 

We need women, we need witches, we need healers more than ever, and until women stand on the same pedestal as men wars will wage.

Men have stood the test of time and failed alone. 

Rise up women, rise up men, rise up to change the world beside each other. 

Share the responsibilities. 

Men and women start a team together. 

Create a movement or shared purpose that plants seeds. And if your purpose is good, wonderful.

But targeting greed, maximalism, and need and desire and fear with no solution is not healthy for anyone. 

It’s been a long journey for me. And I will make a change without pandering to the people and giving them what they want on Twitter. I will lead with my actions.

 And I will bow down to my words which are so powerful like magic.


I would throw everything I owed away just to have this planet.

Go out and sing to the waters, they must be healed.

This is an interactive universe & it is waiting for women to rise.


How has Wilma Mankiller Empowered you babe?

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