4 Dope Alien Cartoons from the Moon

How could I be thinking about alien drawings and alien cartoons at a time like this?! Unfortunately, Roe v. Wade has been overturned, and the current alien goddesses on planet Earth are losing their rights.ย 

I know you have come here for the cool alien cartoons too, but I must say I feel very blue. How could we be headed in all the wrong directions?ย 

How could the rich think about Mars and the Space Race while our Mother Earth Cries out with mighty blows as we allow her body to burn! And what can I, a mere alien of planet earth, do about any of this?ย 

I am working on a short film called Areshi, about an alien baby sent from the moon to save all the women on planet Earth with her Ninja powers. I find myself pulled into the curious world of film. I see no other way to fill my time without crushing my soul at a 9-5. I would live on the street, starving for days, and fail a million times if it meant that I could do even the slightest thing to save this planet. This Eden.

My only supporter is the Great Mother and my Faith and endurance, which drives me onward on this silent journey.ย 

To be an artist is to be a monk. It is to stand outside with the begging bowl, knowing that you are called to do this and nothing else. So I will share with you some beautiful photography from this up-and-coming film. Still, I will not share its secrets- many crickets will be awaiting the premier. And I pray that many earthlings will stumble upon this art that flows through me and be at ease.

But first I will have you know that this film came about whilst I was drawing Alien Cartoons.ย ย 

The 4 Alien Cartoons From @astra.sarah on Instagram

Here we are going to explore the four different alien goddess characters that I began drawing for no reason at all.. Suddenly, I realized they inspired an entire film!

"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love, it will not lead you astray."

Thanks for that reminder, Rumi. I mean, come on, who would think alien cartoons would get a girl far in life?

| I am betting on a calling.ย 

( some might call that schizophrenia )ย 

I call that faith. |

Alien Cartoon Number 1

This alien goddess I drew into a cartoon has tentacles and is from the moon. She floats in space and has telekinetic powers.ย 

Her name is Kaelo, and she is a powerful being who protects those who cannot defend themselves. She can teleport, shoot fire from her eyes, and is immune to all earthly diseases.ย 

She is a force to be reckoned with and should not be taken lightly. Although this alien cartoon is from another world, she is still a loving and caring creature who only wants to help those in need. So if you ever find yourself in trouble, don’t hesitate to call on the alien goddess Kaelo for help.

alien cartoon 1


Alien Cartoon Number 2


This alien goddess I drew into a cartoon loves the Spice Girls and takes after their style. Her name is Lo.ย 


Lo’s superpower is fashion, and she is from the planet Capo. She has the ability to control fashion trends and dictate what is popular. She is also able to teleport anywhere in the universe instantaneously.ย 

She aims to spread her love of fashion to many people. She is a big believer in self-expression and individuality. She wants everyone to be confident and comfortable in their skin. She is kind, compassionate, and always looks fabulous!

Alien Cartoon Number 3

XAi20339 has been featured on some of my other blogs before. She is a hybrid alien robot created with ultra planetary intelligence. XAi20339 has X-Ray Vision and can even see the future and roll in to save the day before a disastrous planetary alignment happens for the Zodiac.ย 

alien cartoon 3

Alien Cartoon Number 4

Alien Goddess Milao has an angry streak, and the other alien cartoon goddess has come together to try and have a serious intervention. She is obviously from planet Saturn and represents that anger that can arise in the galaxy. We hope she has a change of heart soon and doesn’t cause any more asteroid showers with her psychokinesis (ability to move things with her mind.)

alien cartoon 4

The Alien Moon Goddess will be turned into a Cartoon Character

Anyway, all this dreaming up and coloring alien cartoons really came in handy. Because I got some great shots for my upcoming short film about an alien girl sent from the moon to planet earth! Hope you enjoy them!

Anyway, it’s gona be a great film!


time for me to disappear




Do you think aliens are real? ๐Ÿ‘ฝ

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