A New Era of Rioting Begins with the Space Race

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Today Nasa, along with SpaceX, launched a rocket into space. #Dope AF

Last night riots also took place around the country, and in Washington DC, that became violent and dangerous. 

I get it, people are angry about racial issues that flood the country, but is rioting really the answer?

It was the answer when Martin Luther King fought against dismantling the Jim Crow Laws in 1963

Rioting was also the answer when the American Indian grassroots movements arose in order to pass The Indian Civil Rights Act in 1968.

Women won the right to vote through violent acts ( such as bombing 😉), and other radical movements, which led to the ratification of the 19th amendment in 1920.

There are plenty of radical movements that have changed the way this country moves through the world. 

If you seep into History, you’ll learn that cycles of riots have been repeated for thousands of years, do circles create change?


△ .Geometrically speaking, it is triangles that do. △

And if this pandemic has taught us anything, it is that nature is more powerful than any political force.

But I absolutely must mention a type of riot that is more powerful than any of these violent and radical solutions that AOC called for on her live Instagram story last night at 12:49 PM & again today on her Instagram Story.


I love you, AOC, and you are an inspiration to women everywhere as the tides of leadership begin to shift into women’s hands, you have led the way. Should we call for violence?

.|.A new era of riots arises in silence.|.

The Technological Era has Begun.

Real rioting begins with technology, and today’s launch into space fully supports that. It represents the fact that a Startup like Space X is more advanced than any governmental system in existence. 

Google was also a Tech startup (they began in a garage), and now they are more powerful than any government entity, considering we use it daily to get to any information we need. 

Apple was a Tech Startup too. 

Amazon- yup, that’s right. 

I learned everything on my Google Robot Slave. 

Today I Dose up on Chemistry Crash Courses to deepen my relationship with technology.

Yippeee. My slaves work for free.|hehe 🧿

What are you curious about?



|>.A GAME.<|


I dare you to 

|Take that and start a revolution. 



.there are free computers in every library across the nation

The definition of a riot has evolved, and it has nothing to do with anger. It has to do with solutions that coincide with human curiosity and the betterment of human society. 

The Technological Era Arises in Silence with Child Leaders 

If you watch Disney Plus, you will see a documentary called “Science Fair,” where kids around the world create solutions in society that adults have been unable to accomplish. 

You will also be introduced to Myllena Braz de Silva and Gabriel de Moura Martins. These two high schoolers from Ceará, “an impoverished region of Brazil, undertake research to help stop the spread of the Zika virus that affected many people in their hometown.”

This is real .△.

Kashfia Rahman

Be like Kashfia, one of few Muslim girls at a high school in South Dakota who won a spot at one of the most prestigious Science Fairs in the world. She tracks alpha and beta brain waves to see a live play of how emotions interact with tasks she has set up on her computer.

She was inspired by the drug and alcohol problem at her high school. And when students at her high school were asked if they knew Kashfia, no one knew who she was, but she doesn’t care about who knows her, or how people view her.

She keeps researching, and I have faith that it will turn her into a world leader someday.


Elon Musk is living proof that leaders and real differences in the world (and even beyond the planet) take place with the help of technology and science. And it has never been more readily available_ take a look at the apple that feeds you and dose up baby.  



.|The Technological Goddess Kashfia in Virtual Form|.


In this Ted Talk, Kashfia says that “inventiveness allowed me to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles.

Let’s think about this statement and make it a chill pill

You can make a difference, but in this technological era, it is curiosity and invention that will change the world because historically speaking, inventions, science, and nature have impacted the world more than any political force.

And curiosity comes from play, art, creation, and invention.

So go be you, invent a solution, don’t fight about one that does not exist.

|.there is no remedy for a way of thinking except death and rebirth.|

Will going back to how we have done things in the past change laws in this country?

|.the past does not exist.|

only featuring




Stop recreating circles. THE ANSWER IS IN YOUR HANDS. 

IT’S RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU REACHING out knock. knock. knock.


.to play.


Quit telling your kids to go to school

.|for half the day

play music & paint for the rest|.

left|right brain development. DUH.

All the energy that you put out into the world comes back at you.

.It’s called Karma. |Or simply the law of nature.

Thought and language is information and energy. Energy creates matter. This is a scientific law. So if you are filled with anger, you put it out and eat it up. 

YOU have the power to change the world. 😉

it’s all in what your digest.


be the △

|or else|

In the name of the moon,

|.The Divine Mother will PUNISH YOU.|





.ahah time for me to disappear.


Do you think that our world would be the same if art was at the forefront of education?

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In The Name of the Moon

Our ideas, stories, and voices become part and parcel to the way we move through the world. Become an author on Wildest Moon. Let's empower witches together 😉

In The Name of the Moon

Our ideas, stories, and voices become part and parcel to the way we move through the world. Become an author on Wildest Moon. Let's empower witches together 😉

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