My Favorite Uma Thurman Pulp Fiction T-Shirt & Style Guide

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The first time I saw Pulp Fiction I thought why in the world have I wasted my mind on anything else? How did the screen move me like that? How did  Quinton Tarantino take my heart and change it, how did he move the story through my body? It was like long form poetry painted with the images of human existence in their most profound real forms. And then I got it, we are all characters, Imagining and building worlds out of our inner beings destiny. 

WTF did you do to me Quinton? Soon after reading The Artist’s Way, My hands formed a mind of their own and endlessly began filming. I couldn’t stop myself, the camera paired so perfectly with the poetry I had been speaking my entire life. 

But I had to learn that not everyone would like my poetry or understand it. I had to learn that I needed to create badly while my ego screamed 




I had to reprogram my mind so that I could compute what my heart was telling me and where my hands were leading me for they were trustworthy and always held a pen. They led me across the world and into the heart of the Alps, they led me to Vipassana, they lead me today, and the pages that I dream upon build a better and better world for me moment by moment. 

I water my garden with inspiration, and dance to 90’s hip hop while having my very own fashion shows. I dance beneath the moon naked  in my Princess Play Pin and feel freedom. 






I hope you don’t Mind when I make mistakes down the road, let’s all watch each other Grow, I hope you love this style Guide!


The Uma Thurman Pulp Fiction T-Shirt

Where I Got This Uma Thurman T Shirt: well I got it from the Graphic Tees Section of the Dolls Kill Website. I find a lot of cool Star Wars, Quentin Tarantino Movie T shirts, and even Hatsune Miku style clothing. It’s pretty much got it all. Now Let’s Focus on the shirt I am wearing underneath to give off the space vibes.





Blue Butterfly, Pink Butterfly Dolls Kill Mesh Shirt

There we go, Now you can see it all in color. Me and My love of bright greens, pink butterflies, and pretty things to FILM.

Anyway you ought to check out this cute Top on the website to see all of it’s butterfly magic here

Now what about those pink shiny pants and the silver fanny pack? After-all it is the Space age Conrad. 

well, I thought up both- I manifested them into my greatest desire for space fashion~

okay okay cyborg princess- go out into the world and see what you find, create for the art, create for the love, and when you start doing something that serves yourself and others- you’ll find happiness. 

The Fanny pack came from Walmart 💋


Watch the Video about this Uma Thurman Pulp Fiction style Guide Space Child

The girl floated in space. She was a cyborg princess, and the most stylish one in all the galaxy. Her pink and silver suit sparkled as she spun around in zero gravity. She felt alive and free, like nothing could stop her.

Suddenly, a loud alarm pierced the silence. The girl woke up with a start, suddenly back in her boring old bedroom. She sighed and glanced at the clock. It was just a dream…again.

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