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My Manifested Curriculum for Growth

I find myself back on Dhamma Land and ready to sit my 5th silent 10-day course. As soon as I arrived, I began feeling gross …

Rabbit Holes

Buddha’s cure for Retail Therapy

There are only two things that can impact our lives, listen closely. |Metabolize|  Craving and Aversion rein supreme.  But YOU are master of your mind.  …

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How to Cast A Spell

What, in fact, is a spell? The pending question has drawn you to these pages.  Seek, and ye shall find.  The answers follow in the …

brave woman

I Am Brave

The spirit in the body  looked upon the mountain high, Cried out to the ocean vast And dove into the forest deep.  [Tap inscription left>|<right] …

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Simulation Beneath the Dark Moon

Enter my womb. Enter the simulation in which we live, from which you were born, and the consciousness from which we all reside.  You & …

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