Can Witches Really Fly?

Women are witches. It is a story that has long been known to us. We have dreams in the night, sometimes they tell of what is to come. We find ourselves so in touch with our intuitions through the cycle of life and death within our bodies.

Every month we experience it.

These “emotions” are more powerful than we realize. They exert energy into the world, and the word gives us what we want back. They tell us where to go, and what the next move is in the algorithm of your life.

But sometimes, what we want is expressed in doubt due to what we do not have. We become addicted to habits that treat us unwell. And that energy powerfully overcomes us.

Taking control over my energy is certainly a journey. Finding the rituals that are natural to me has been a joy.

What will come of this next generation if they do not align with their chi?

It is foretold that the wheel of Dhamma is turning. And with this wheel, a great spiritual awakening shall rise.

Open your third eye.

Move with mind and body.

Be blessed

And if you replace the word “work” with “orgasm.”

They become one in the same |.


I am the most powerful witch in the Wicked WEST

Have you ever left your body before? πŸ’‹

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