Spending 8 Months at a Vipassana Meditation Center

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God, everything was Ego, and if everything was Ego, I could laugh it in the face. And face the world better. 

I could work harder, wake up earlier, sleep later, breathe each moment because it was in the moment that I found you. 




The North Star Has Risen

My entire body became a city, and I had to fight through so many mountains, valleys and caves within the mind. I had to unlock clues and move onto the next phase, or level. I still do, it‘s a practice.

The Ego drifts away as I continued down the puzzle. I built spaceships and connected wires that did not exist. I believe this to be a message about a very complex machine that I now hold in my mind.


>>>Enter The | SIMULATION./>


I can solve and create in the blink of an eye. 

; I can build. ;

I can develop ideas and creations out of nothing, 

for I am myself made out of 


 I was nothing. I faced this angel from hades. She was covered in vines; she hissed at me and moved her body within mine. You chose this, she laughed as I fought what I could not resist. I could not fight the beast which I consumed. 

But that which I consumed was like choking on blood. 

Flash Back to the SouthEast Vipassana Kitchen

I washed dishes for miles. 

That was all I had to do, and it was good.

It was peaceful. It was just me as I was, there at the moment.

With foam all over my hands 

A rubber apron and a soft cotton

Kurti wrapped around my skin.

But it couldnโ€™t be real,

It was a blimp in the simulation.

I existed only for the womb.

This river of consciousness,

Held me tight, in the arms of dawn 

Dish soap. 

And by night 

I danced beneath billions 

Of stars. 

The mosquitoes pierced my skin.

And if I broke my vows

I would smack them 

And the blood would pour out of their sacks, making marks on my arms

I was a sister of the swamplands.

I was acting like a nun.

But inside, I was just an alien. 




When one experiences truth, the madness of finding fault with others disappears.

Tell the ego to go fuck itself

In The Name of the Moon

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