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How to Connect with Your Soulmate on a Spiritual Plane

. _____ When you slip into my life  I’ll throw my arms around your neck And understand the process of Mitosis  From one lifetime to …

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Throw Away The Mirror – By Claudia Goldsmith

Suck your stomach in. Stop slouching. Don’t wear that. It makes your butt look too big. Wear longer shorts, or everyone will see your thighs. …


I Am Powerful

The spirit in a body spent 30 days and 30 nights in silence and focused on the breath. She twisted, and she turned she danced …

Rabbit Holes

Become A Warrior Goddess

Why do you listen to society? A question that plagues the mind, you see we are all divine. We all have something amazing to contribute …

woman who is in distress
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The Storm by Brooke Boyd

~ ~On April 2nd, 2016, my Dad died.~ . ^  I was 21 years old and living with my boyfriend (now fiance), Brian, and 2 …

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