woman who trusts herself

I Trust Myself

The spirit in a body laid back without a care, lit a cigarette to her lips  and arose among the eclipse  brighter than the Moon.  …

an inteitive woman

I Am Intuitive

The spirit in a body dosed off to bed  was awoken in the night by the dreams inside her head those dreams trickled into waking …

woman who is empowered
Rabbit Holes

Billie Eilish & The Rise of the Alternative Universe

What will happen to our world? How will it be different in 10 years?  .|Your cyborg fingertips will read your thoughts And bend the knee …

woman who is grateful for life

I Am Grateful

The spirit in a body sang songs of gratitude and her words met the water and the waters were filled with light  The strength of …

changes are good, this cat is cute
Moon Archives

It is Time to Initiate Change

I live in the land of Dhamma , learning how to experience this body in which I reside through what is deemed an art of …

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