How to Cast A Spell

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What, in fact, is a spell? The pending question has drawn you to these pages. 

Seek, and ye shall find. 

The answers follow in the mind. 

Ahh, a spell, because there is no pill to swallow a girl found in time.

After many years had passed and nothing else worked, she found herself at the feet of the ocean crying out to the Great Mother to make her whole.

Her voice shook lightning upon the waves and awoke the spirits from the grave to comfort her and do her bidding. 




Truly a spell comes from your intuition, listen and you shall be led. You are the artist of your own life, and thy will shall either cause you comfort or strife. 

So what is your will? Speak it upon the earth. Sing it to the waters and whisper it into the trees. Feel the answer of the Great Mother through the breeze.


As she meets your lips, bow down to the water upon your knees. 


_Water gives you life_


Your Spell is Your Prayer

Have you ever thought about a God or a Great creator? The concept makes my generation sick. It makes us weak at the knees, for religion has dug graves. 

Politics scream out spirituality to cover up their sound.

In the 1980s, thousands of people living with HIV and Aids died under the Protestant Revolution’s spiritual shield.

When religion ruled, Jerry Falwell spoke of a scientific disease epidemic as “the wrath of God upon homosexuals.”

President Regan refused to report on the issue until it festered and killed thousands as they sat outside hospitals seeking help and dying on the streets.

This generation raised us, blinded by religion, and now leaving the millennial generation, our generation, unable to see true spirituality, true kindness, and true compassion.

I Seek it under the Moon and among the stars of the universe, which is now called upon in sorrow.


Pray, and have faith. 

Create your own relationship with the Great Creator, the Great Mother, or whatever you decide to call it. 

Not one of us is the same. So why would thousands of us have the same relationship and purpose with the Creator? 

What does your heart tell you? Quiet your mind.

For just a moment

And find yourself in the sea of comfort that exists. 


You have the key, baby.

Open up the doors. 


How to Cast a Spell using Planetary Alignments

  1. Plan everything around planetary alignments. Is the moon void of course?
  2. Write your desires on a piece of paper from right to left to honor the original language from which spirituality derives. 
  3. Create a sigil by using the first letters of your request, but only use the consonants. For example, if I write: I wish for a new love. I would take the letters I, W, F, N, and L and create my symbol. 
  4. Surround yourself in a circle made of branches, dried flowers, or whatever sparks your intuition.
  5. Once you are enclosed in the circle, light a candle and imagine a great white light surrounding yourself and your wish with love, compassion, and goodwill. Focus your energy, have faith and speak from your heart. 
  6. When you feel ready, release your wish based on the astrological sign that the Moon is in. For example, if the Moon is in a fire sign, burn your sigil. If the Moon is in a water sign, let your sigil float away. If the Moon is in an air sign, drive somewhere special while you’re all alone and throw your sigil out the window. Lastly, if the Moon is in an earth sign, bury your sigil. 

.Everything is energy | Energy is within you.

Your wish is your heart’s greatest desire, and your heart’s passion comes from something much more significant than yourself.

It derives from the largest ocean and blooms with the grace of
1000 roses.


Have faith.

And, like a dying lady lean and pale, Who totters forth, wrapp’d in a gauzy veil, Out of her chamber, led by the insane And feeble wanderings of her fading brain, The moon arose up in the murky east A white and shapeless mass.

Post a comment and tell me how your spell went! 💋

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