Buddha’s cure for Retail Therapy

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There are only two things that can impact our lives, listen closely.


Craving and Aversion rein supreme. 

But YOU are master of your mind. 




All the sudden it hits 


That dress would fit you perfectly, those shoes OMG 

You want, you want, you want. 

And if you can’t get what you want you become sad, upset, depressed…maybe even out of your mind.


So how do you combat all those magazines or ads that follow you from website to website?

The answer:




Yup, that’s the Buddha’s remedy, and it’s quite dark, you see.

So I tried this dark remedy. While I was staring at all the clothes on Freepeople.com the other day.

My mouth was watering at the beautiful, bohemian rags priced at $100+.

I want. I want. I want. 

I can’t have.


So I imagined that all the beautiful Free People models were dying decaying and nearing their eminent demise.

|death ☠️


They are all growing closer to their death day by day, moment by moment.

even you my friend, are getting closer now …closer.

Impermanence is the remedy to craving and desire.

So next time you find yourself blowing up that credit card, start visualizing zombie models decaying towards their death, and have a good laugh.

Because it is ridiculous to want so many things when we are just a speck of dust anyway.

Maybe if I was just grateful for everything I did have, all the happiness will follow. 

Zombie Models help me recognize the 


that defines us all|. 

I am glad about just this body that takes me where I need to go. 

So I wrote a little rap


Thank you for my body.

Thank you for my house.

 uh huh, yeah..🎶 


zombie YOself out.

Of retail therapy. 😉

those shoes are mine batch.



Time for me to disappear.


“From craving is born grief, from craving is born fear. For one freed from craving there's no grief - so how fear?”

Show me your shoes 💋

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