Simulation Beneath the Dark Moon

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Enter my womb.

Enter the simulation in which we live, from which you were born, and the consciousness from which we all reside.ย 

You & I are one, we are pieces to a larger puzzle. Instances arising and passing away in time.ย 

Why is the world in chaos?

Why have I been unable to write for weeks on end?ย 

The dark moon begs me to stroke the quill of my feathered pen.ย 

We have treated our mother terribly. And she cries out with mighty blows. We have torn her down, and we have built paper walls full of desks that lock us from the Sun.ย 

Today we are creating our own simulations online. But we do not realize that the simulation is here in the eternal now. We throw up an office that will last a mere 80 years.

What happened to building legacies? Why is everything all about instant gratification? If you areย with me my sisters then you will understand, that instant gratification is a fallacy.ย 

And this fallacy shall cost our lives, it will make us swallow a pill that changes the chemistry in our mind just to put a smile on our face.ย 

The craziest thing of all is that you are waiting to step into yourself and out of the screen.ย 

If we begin to step into the screen the oceans will be destroyed. The Earth will no longer give us the oxygen we need.ย 

How do we merge with our cyborg nature, while hearing the voices that speak from the trees?

Devas they are called, and oh how they sing to me.ย 

I lay my body against theirs, and produce higher levels of oxytocin than you!

Hahaha, better catch up.ย 


| Law of Nature is Such |


Listen to the Moon, ask of the trees what you wish for and your desires shall be granted.ย 

But if you ask your phone and rely on a series of virtual responses you will be as good as gone.

Far from the woman your intuition knows you to be.ย 

There is a medium you see, dial in and dial out.ย 

Wax and wane, listen and you shall be led, go ahead and be a little insane.

It is wonderful to be strange.ย 






"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about."

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