Life is Hilarious

The spirit in the body rolled on the floor  Laughing. Everything had gone dead wrong  So many times. And on trial 3000 She changed up …

Moon Archives

Exploring the Realms of Visual Poetry in 10 Steps

What is Visual Poetry you ask? Well, it’s just something that came out of me in the night bursting at the seams. That’s what all …


I Choose Love

Even When it seems impossible I choose love. Even when someone does the unthinkable I choose love. Even if it’s from a distance I send …

Rabbit Holes

A Dose of War & Art 🦋 Steven Pressfield

14:23 PM A Dose of War & Art Steven Pressfield Once upon a time, on my 24th birthday, I was brought a 6 pack of …

Moon Archives

Creamy Mami Music Studio (Vintage Anime Gif Collection)

At times I wonder whether to embrace Ai. Part of me does,  it allows me to manifest my life and surroundings with images that please …

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