Capturing Frames

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I found friendship in a story 

It’s been 6 years now, and she is slowly opening up to me 

Tears rolled down her cheeks 

& so I am trying to create noise 

Give rhythm to a silence voice 



My heart is broken 

I watch her carry herself with poise 

she told me about being six years old 

Her hands were shaking, her skin was cold 

I drift with her to India, 

see visions through her eyes 

I wonder how many helpless women

Scream out as they get raped by a guy 


Mouth covered, whisper quietly 

There is nothing you can do 


But sit and watch and see 

I am so f****ing tired of that mentality 

It’s everywhere, it’s in the air 


Women are objects 

With golden locks of hair 

A price to pay for beauty 

And they say it is her fault,

Her body screams

.(consume me).

There’s a muzzle on her mouth 

Even when she screams out loud 

No one hears a sound 

But the earth shakes with madness 

And the thunder roars with anger 

At this evil evil nature.



We can’t sit back anymore and ignore the silent noise 

You feel it in your bones 

 turn your head, to what’s not shown 

but it’s not just the men 

if you think so you’re mistaken¬†

I hear women sh*t talking each other 

All across the nation 

we must stop playing pretend.

Every woman should be glorified, 

Every woman should be friend. 


And when you open up, you’ll hear a similar story 

Tears will roll down her cheeks 

And another woman will be raped in morning.

So I am asking men and women to stop acting as if are not all human, all the same 


And ask themselves What is it that captures different frames 

of the same picture?


Can change at the individual level solve societal issues?

In The Name of the Moon

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