What is Techno-Vegan, and Can it Inhibit Neuropathways?

We are all cyborgs. Is it even possible to think of unplugging our lifelines? Can we rid ourselves of the Apples that feed us and the Androids that we enslave? 

We are masters of these tools, which do our bidding. 

But are we masters of our mind, or has my robot slave downloaded an irreversible virus to the system? 

Solitude is a condition of peace that stands in direct opposition to loneliness.

Going Techno-Vegan

I spent many days at Vipassana without my robot. And in silence, I found the joy of solitude. It felt like I was tripping.




I was perfectly content is the world, I felt the vibration of my entire body, and understood the energy of the trees.
NO I had to be tripping out..
this was too good.
but it was difficult.
.i couldn’t just pop a pill and feel like this?
I had to be SILENT for 10 F***ing day.s


Anyway after freaking out about being radiated through my cellular extensions.
{i.phone begin absorption now into  cerebral cortex.i}

I tried To go without a phone, and I drove to a restaurant to get food, but I could not order because I took out my extensions.

My Slave to do my bidding had been cut off from transmission.


Going techo-vegan may be more difficult than I assumed. 

Maybe it wasn’t about throwing my robot extensions away, because then I could not be a part of this word. But If I could be more mindful about it, I could help my body and my brain. 

The Release of Cortisol in the Brain

What actually happens to our brains when we hook up to the screen and feed our bodies with Netflix, News Outlets, and Social Media? 

Digesting  negative news stories, and digging yourself down unproductive rabbit holes actually creates and releases a hormone called cortisol, which is extremely toxic for your brain. 

do you ever think about what what you consume?

Would you eat Mcdonalds every day?

Well Most of the media that we consume is actually owned by 6 Media Giants

Thats a small amount of ownership, a lot of money. 

I wonder how the men atop their towers want to control you?

Media ownership chart 2014

And that cortisol which you created with your mind from what you consumed.

Leads to adverse effects on your body like Alzheimer’s, obesity, cancer, and the list goes on and on. 

When you binge-watch Big Media and throw your brain into a world that is not your own, your mind can’t grow, it needs to learn, it needs to be activated like a muscle in your body. 


How can I be a Techno Vegan?

You can start by reading a book, and finding yourself in a world, unlike any other you could imagine.

Neuroplasticity is the key. You see, we can actually grow our brains, through meditation, reading, following our dreams and passions, and through exercise and feeding our brains right.


In this case study done by NIH, 50 adults that meditate daily were compared to 50 that do not. The findings were incredible, and the 50 adults that meditate had more complex neural pathways and synapses in the brain – SO COOL.


Learning Increases White Matter in the Brain

The amount of white matter in our brains is made up of nerve bundles that carry information through electrical impulses from one part of our brain to another. 

White matter can be created or depleted based on our lifestyle choices. 

Scientific evidence proves that the creation of white matter takes place in the brain when we use our minds to learn new things. 

Go Techno-Vegan

Becoming a techno-vegan doesn’t mean we have to throw our robot slaves away. It just means we have to be mindful and aware of how we use technology. 

{ .daily time spent on Instagram 5 hours last week. }

It means spending time alone to get to know yourself and to dig into what really intrigues you. 

Real learning takes place when your greatest curiosities are at play. 

Do you think that going Techno-Vegan is even possible? 🥕

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