It is Time to Initiate Change

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I live in the land of Dhamma , learning how to experience this body in which I reside through what is deemed an art of living. I explore this realm of existence where I spend many days disconnected to my cyborg extensions. This is the level of the simulation my spirit has chosen to enter. We practice

sīla (moral conduct),
samādhi (concentration),
and paññā (wisdom)

By focusing on the natural breath, nothing more, nothing less.
What you experience and only what you experience becomes your truth. No two humans shall see the world through the same eyes.

|I find truth and solace in solitude|

The World of People Circling

It seems my sister in Florida has come down with the virus. There are riots, pillaging, burning, and looting going on in major cities across the country. This is the world I have awoken to after spending ten days in silent observation of the mind. People have gone mad due to obvious reasons.

They lost their jobs
They have no money
A mental health crisis rocks the Nation

1 in 6 Americans take antidepressants or some other psychiatric drug. There was around a 400% increase in antidepressant use among teens and adults between 1988–1994 and 2005–2008. The uprising in mental health seems to climb by the hour, especially considering current situations.

|Malware has been downloaded to the Simulation|

Can you be alone?

With abundant access to technology, the ability to be alone with yourself seems like an outdated concept.

Not knowing how to be alone with oneself becomes a considerable danger to society when all of the sudden, the touchstones and distractions you once had, disappear off the face of the Earth.

It seems that it was just yesterday when we could all go to the movies, go to a bar, go to work, have a life, hang out with family and friends.

Sadness and anxiety arise within the mind, and they had arisen before, but you had outlets, and now you do not. So sadness, anxiety, and hatred arise and multiply within the
<.simulation of your mind.>
.|Now Featuring The Technological Goddess|.
YOU inside

{Don’t worry Cyborg Princess, I believe in you |Go Techno-Vegan|}

This is nature, these emotions are human nature, and most of us have never been taught how to train or master our minds so that we can come out of these intense universal feelings that bind us as a species on planet Earth.

Your only escape becomes your cyborg fingertips, and oh how that apple feeds you with news of hatred, violence, sadness, and ill-will if you let it dear.

Do you want to know what matters most? That you focus on you. Because once you get your mind right, learn, read, write, create, play, and meditate, then you will discover you can become the change the world needs. You can even increase the neural pathways in your brain by incorporating such lifestyle changes.

Entering the Greater Consciousness

Riots, looting, and protesting are not what the world needs right now. Each Human mind is part of a greater consciousness in which we all exist. If the population becomes riddled with hate and anger and mistrust, then these themes will arise among the masses lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime.

|Annihilate the Simulation|

This messy mind, filled with anger, hate, and distrust will be the mind of the very next life.
-|Matter is neither created nor destroyed
This is the law of Nature|-
You live on
You live on

This white body that you are in dies with anger, hatred, and mistrust. Then you resurface through the womb, and you are born again with dark skin, but the mind remains the same. It knows only anger, hatred, distrust. The universal feelings remain there, but you do not know what for, you are just agitated lifetime, after lifetime as a woman, as a man, as a Muslim, as an Indian, as an Asian, as a Christian, as a Jew, as a HUMAN.

I will hate these bodies which hate me, which become me, and I them.

There is no me

no my

no I


And the hatred causes madness across the globe again, and again | we live in circles.


Initiate Change

△ Geometrically speaking it’s triangles that create change △
It starts with you, taking care of you.

.Today and for the next couple years we must begin to define a new normal.




Draw out △’s because they create change.
You can live your life in ⭕️ ‘s, but it will remain the same.
It is not complex. It is the simple mathematics of life.
You can sweep things under the rug, and so they happen thrice.
Building up and eating away at our very own device.

Time for me to disappear

Do you believe in past lives? Why do you feel that this is not your first experience in a body?

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