Mirrored Text and Spiritually: LOVE The Real Da Vinci Code

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You may be wondering why some of the words on this website are written in Mirrored Text.

Let’s explore the art of prose as a spiritual factor. 

LOVE the Real Da Vinci Code is a book that ended up in my hands while living with a couple from the RedWoods of California. We all ended up at my dad’s house in Jacksonville, FL, by some spark of chance. 

But that’s another story down the rabbit hole.

Instead, I invite you to join in on tonight’s show about chapter five of Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz’s book.



+|Facts About Creative Mathematics|+


Don’t worry, Space Cowboy, it’s not so tough.😉

Chapter 5: Facts About Creative Mathematics

Have you heard of Leonardo Da Vinci? Maybe you’ve submitted yourself to the screen and bowed down to its presence while watching the Da Vinci Code flick.

|ahhh a life before the screen is so merciful.

Lock your eyes into the simulation as lights and color operant condition your mind.

!Now! that’s an |order.

The Real Code Unlocks




It’s QUOTE TIME! Yipeee.

The real Da Vinci Code is the Source Code for enlightenment, unleashing human genius, and the creative power to manifest miracles in the real world.

Tell me more! Tell me more! Like did he have a pony? 🎠

duhh, this is the 15th century, my dear.

 Da Vinci encoded all of his research notes backwards!

Just take a look at this piece of genuine history.

But WHY Mirrored Text?!

Here’s the break down:


.OH I’m ready for it|

|COME ON bring it.


There is a creative dynamic of language which Leonardo sought.

This dynamic balances

left.|.right brain function.

This “Master Code” was privy to both Plato and Pythagoras (Greek philosophers).

You May remember Pythagoras and his relevance today from this theorem.









?where will the baseball end up?


Each letter of the alphabet carries with it frequencies of vibration, sound, and energy. And the Universe around you depends on your vibration.


Read |Love the Real Da Vinci Code


Unlock the power of your mind by merging with the mathematical simulation of nature.

Or do your homework here:

|Balance both sides of your brain.

.Unlock the creative spiritual terrain|

|from which all languages derive|

.right to left 


not left to right.


Tonight’s Interactive Learning Model 

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Circle your graves. 

Roll in like the waves 

Come towards me 

Raging storm 

Lightning strikes the water

& I dance in your currents 

We are parted by the seas.

The ripples of time rein 



What does the word "genius" mean to you? And #FoReal why does Jimmy Neutron get all the street cred?!

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