I Am Intuitive

The spirit in a body dosed off to bed 

was awoken in the night by the dreams inside her head

those dreams trickled into waking reality, she knew what was coming 

And became immune to fallacy.

[Tap inscription left>|<right]

Daughter, you bleed with the full of the moon 

You see all that there is, 

the cycle of life and death resides 

.|within your womb)

The future and the past exist because of 

| YOU.

aligned with the natural cycles of the sky

Look up, you know the answers

See them reflect upon my waters, open 

Your eyes. 

Whispered the Divine Mother


“A woman knows by intuition, or instinct, what is best for herself.”

I am Intuitive

What causes the misconception of periods in society? Have you recently found peace and intuition in your monthly cycle?

In The Name of the Moon

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