I Am Empowered

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be fearless like the wind

The spirit in a body failed 100 times over

She was running through a forest painted in glass

hands covered in twigs and leaves and sap.

[Tap inscription left>|<right]

“You are a divine creation. 

Play with your sanity.

question the world 

and rise upon your own understanding of it. 

Accept that what you understand, 

is between you & the Great Creator. 

Take a vision that no one else sees 

and initiate 



Whispered The Divine Mother


Lotus blooms comfort the feet

& women search for Eden,

to take a bite of what’s been eaten.

Does her “sinful nature” scared you?

Is she the apple that deceives your eye?


We are coming for you. 😈

Power can be taken, but not given. The process of the taking is empowerment in itself.

I Am Empowered

How has society put up a wall between women and their empowerment?

In The Name of the Moon

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