Billie Eilish & The Rise of the Alternative Universe

What will happen to our world? How will it be different in 10 years? 

.|Your cyborg fingertips will read your thoughts

And bend the knee to your every desire 

With such knowledge, what will you conspire?

We are living in the age of creation- where we create our universe. There is no way to uninvent what is spoken into existence.

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The gaming community will surely create sensory AI, and Elon Musk will take the lead with his teams’  invention of Neuralink

In simplest terms:

Everything is made of tiny little things called atoms. Atoms are so small that there are more atoms in one grain of sand than grains of sand on Planet Earth. 

|This is Law of Nature|

Today we have the technology to encode data. We gather the data from atoms, replicate it, and layer the data into tiny, tiny wires that tell the brain how to move, therefore allowing for motor function where it once did not exist. Thus, a person with paraplegia would gain the ability to walk. 

This is just the beginning of it all, and research already proves that neurotransmitters can be shifted to heal anxiety, depression, and PTSD. 

What is Moore’s Law?

New technology evolves rapidly because Moore’s Law exists. And scientific Law is not to be taken lightly or as “myth,” it exists because of surmounting data to back it up. 

Moore’s Law states that “the number of transistors on a microchip doubles every two years.” Meaning we can create matter out of smaller and smaller particles, and the price to build computers will also be cut in half. 

If we factor all of these things in, we can understand that the world as we know it is about to change completely. 

Gamers will create their worlds, and they already are. Famous computer-generated pop stars like Hatsune Miku are even beginning to fill romantic voids in Japan. Heck, Hatsune even plays the opening acts at Lady Gaga’s concerts.

And personally, I just LOVE Hatsune Miku, she is so cute! ❤️

How Billie Eilish Contributes to the Rise of the Alternative Universe

But what contributes to the rapid rate of growth?

.|The Google Algorithm is the biggest culprit|.

We plug in our data into Google, and daily contribute to a smarter and more intelligent machine that is our slave. The perfect example of this is the AI interview of Billie Eilish by Vogue.



.|The Goddess Billie Eilish in Virtual Form|.



You will notice how the machine pulled data from search engines to extract emotionally evoking questions to ask Billie in the interview. 

The reason the AI bot was able to deploy such personalized questions is that all of Billie’s fans have the same goal. 

They want to know everything about Billie because they see the impact she has on the world and them personally. Billie Eilish impacts the world because she sings from her soul which must be thousands of years old. This woman’s words send a chill down the spine and make people rethink the way they live their lives. We are thankful she was born, and so we seek knowledge about who Billie is and what she is like. 

Each time we search in Google, we add to the advancement of machine learning. In both logistical, artistic, and psychological ways. AI has proven this to us. 

Is Technology a Bad thing?

Technology can be insidious, It can clone and trick, and falsify.

shhh Don’t tell anyone

I Photoshopped my pay stubs to rent my apartment.

It can take us away from the reality that stares us in the face, but it has simultaneously become our lifelines, and will continue to merge us into a new norm.

aww may it’s not so bad…

 If a machine can pick up on your thoughts and emotions, it can also pick up on your dreams and curiosities. This means we can create machine-based learning systems, specifically catered to individual growth.

What kind of world would we become if everyone created their own universe?

Artificial Enlightenment


Soon we will have the ability to create our universes and possibly even become enlightened in the process. Is the act of creation, not enlightenment? 


Will we be able to download samurai moves to our systems through neurotransmitters? 


Have we entered the Matrix?!


The world that lies ahead is so strange.


△.I accept change.△


We are in a simulation.






|Time for me to disappear. 




How can we create a symbiotic relationship with technology, and when does its advancement start to cross the line?

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