About Me

It would seem that I like to study the mind. To go within and find yourself is difficult. I myself still have work to do as I walk this path called life.

In 2018 I stumbled upon the path of Vipassana, which translates from Hindi into “the truth.” I have spent over 1000 hours meditating in silence, observing my breath, and attempting to tame this wild lion that is my mind. 

I have a BA in History, and I studied the impacts of nature on human society over time. I found that Great Mother Earth has a much louder voice than all of mankind. 

But I also found that there are humans across history that tap into their potential and change the course of time, just by doing what pulls at their curiosity and nothing less.

What pulls at my curiosity? Well, the list is long, but the art of spiritual prose seems to play my favorite song. 

I also cast intentions into the world based on planetary alignments. Some like to call me: Witch. ๐Ÿ˜‰

“Nothing is right, nothing is wrong. we are all just singing songs like birds.To which hum do you belong?”

โ€” Sarah Cantero