How to Connect with Your Soulmate on a Spiritual Plane

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When you slip into my life 

I’ll throw my arms around your neck

And understand the process of Mitosis 

From one lifetime to the next.



Do you mind if I ask you a question?




What are you made of?

Where did all the atoms that make up our vessels come from?


 _ Answer: DING! DING! _


Everything that you are was created in the first instance of the universe, along with every planet,

every star. 


| Law of Nature is Such |


Everything that is is all that shall be, and together we form the Soul of the World.



The process of Mitosis is constant in every living thing, so why would you not split from one into two and three?

What a silly question.

Yet the answer is so obvious, you see.

But wait!

Hey Google! What the heck is Mitosis?

Wikipedia Commons responds to your every need with

 an answer in my algorithm

“In cell biology, Mitosis is a part of the cell cycle when replicated chromosomes are separated into two new nuclei. Cell division gives rise to genetically identical cells in which the number of chromosomes is maintained.”



There are many parts and pieces of you, that divide and dissect.

They reside in the Soul of the World. 

The Anima mundi


All of us.

Thus it is true, how you treat yourself, the trees, the water, and the bees also

impacts a smaller part of the whole that ties us all together. 

stronger ties become

sisters, mothers, bothers,

& lovers.

So how do I connect with my soulmate on a spiritual plane?

You must first learn to love yourself deeply despite all the vicissitudes of the world.

This love comes from silence, music, art, childlike play, and deep compassion for your mind each time it tells you that you are anything less than



Play me softly  

For I was left untuned.

Touch me gently 

& I will sing sweet 

music with



How do you connect with your soulmate? 💋

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