Ram Dass: Be Here Now

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She opened her third eye in a garden divine__ there another spirit by her side, and they lost their minds.


She met him in a past life and saw their souls had been together before.

.|What was this knowing?|.

The devil played the violin, and he ran away in fear. 

“You’re afraid,” she said as she trembled over a connection, something so beautiful, that music burst out of her body in tears. There was a meeting of wisdom which they gained


>>>It’s time for her to go.


What was it?



It seemed they lost track of time, in another life, another world, one that was their own.

“My own. Your own.”

But there is no



Gone in the instant, that he gave up. Or was it she? “No no, I didn’t mean to” she screamed, and the piano played sweet keys. Lost in the cycle of reality.

?But what is real?

?And what is a lie?

For in one man’s reality another man’s fantasy resides. 

It may never be known. But it is something to respect. Something she accepted

>>>as he walked away. 

For time will tell a tale that two may never understand. What was real for her was the palm of his hand. But then again maybe it was just a…


|.in the mind’s eye.|

Are trips on Acid Real?

I get it, the drugs are wonderful. The feeling you have when that tab of acid gives you the ability to strike lightning upon the earth. 

Could it be possible to experience that same peace, wisdom, and divinity sober? 

This question begged at Ram Dass’s mind in 1961 when he first discovered acid, and as soon as it begged at mine his book Be Here Now ended up in my hand. Back in the 1960s, Ram Dass was a professor at both Harvard and Stanford, worked as a psychologist, social scientist, and public speaker. 

Then, he got high. Up in the clouds high.

On my mother, this guy along with 5 other experimental psychologists locked themselves in a room and took 400 micrograms of LSD every 4 hours for three weeks.

That’s 2400 micrograms a day. 

I can fully admit that psychedelics have opened up my mind to the universe in miraculous ways, but for real…



lol there is also a business insider version.


The music sucks and makes you feel anxious even though the facts are positive?!

I’d like to take this us with the producer!!!!

Excuse me, Man?

The Journey to Ram Dass’s Guru

Ram Dass lost his credibility in the US shortly after no one understood him. Which makes sense, no two humans can experience life through the same eyes. 

Anyway, 10 years later in 1971 the War on Drugs began. Its economic impacts are profound, and continue to impact the USA today. It is estimated that the US has spent over $1 trillion since 1971. 

The federal government spent an estimated $9.2 million a day in 2015 incarcerating individuals charged with drug-related offenses — that’s about $3.3 billion a year of your taxpayer money. 

Got anything better to do?

Luckily my generation does. And Legalization policies have entered the simulation. 


Well, Ram Dass did… he wanted to know more about acid, so he left on a journey for India!

Seek & you shall find. Seek & you shall find.

And he did. 

He spent many days in silence with his Guru and found sober peace.

He wrote a book called Be Here Now where you can read about his wild story.

And internalize incredible messages. 

Eat them up baby. Metabolize this jazz because it makes life a precious flower.

And instead of crying your eyes out, you’ll be here now, and your heart will burst with song when it’s broken. And you will see that all is beautiful and perfect, and meant to prune you into a garden of roses. 

There will be no attachment or desire, 

& you will become one with everything,

With the Divine Mother

Enjoy page 38 of Be Here Now below…😘


& remember!


“You can’t rip the skin off the snake. The snake must molt the skin. that’s the rate it happens

-Ram Dass △

Tell me about your acid trip? I wana know.

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