Vipassana and Out of Body Experiences

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As I prepare for my sixth Vipassana Meditation course in no way possible, I realize that I am walking a thin line between my delusions and my reality.  

I am a tightrope walker putting on a 



 | Balancing ACT, TAKE #6 |



I pack my backpack and prepare to journey into the woods, my place of sanctuary where the trees and the moon speak with me. 

My heart feels like it is about to pump out of its chest. What will I step into next? I will be taking a unique Satipatthana Course. In this course, I will study the satipatthana sutta, which is the oldest surviving documents that explore the mind, mindfulness, and the path to enlightenment. 

 A wide-spread phenomenon has arisen in the present generation around mindfulness. I feel blessed to be able to study the archetypal records from which all of this derives and has 


I will be in silence for 9 days>  

I pray to the Great Mother that it will bring me into a new 

| Level | 

of awareness. 

My body knows what is coming. I have been lucidly walking in my dreams for days. Is this a state of awareness that comes with sobriety

Do I even desire such states of awareness? 

I am not sure, but as I dip my mind into the Ganges of life, I thirst for more, knowing that I am a child of the moon, and I wish to be only that, to bask in her tides and to dance beneath her blue light. 

To laugh and play in this matrix that is beyond my comprehension as I study the patterns of the trees..

I am not seeking enlightenment, yet I know that many others on this monastic path are. I am searching for answers as to why I travel through unknown bodies at night, what puts me behind the eyes of so many humans across planet earth?

I don’t know, but what I do know is that this is my reality. 

My delusions are only my expectations of what I think the future should be.

And with heightened awareness, no one can take this 

 | Present |

._ reality _.

.>>> away from me.

Seek, and ye shall find. 

I go inside and out of my 





time for me to disappear


"Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts."

Have you ever left your body before? 💋

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