Life is Full of Love

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The spirit in a body felt a sense of wonder,

she playfully grasped the moonlit sky as it danced between her fingertips.

The trees spun around her, and she saw that they lived.

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Reach out and kiss my branches, 

come and hold this body against yours. 

This is the oxygen I give my children,

this is the life which they breathe. 

Watch as we grow strong connecting forest to forest,

mountains to rivers, 

and desserts to rain.

Before and after you, my branches sustain

.|all that is life|.

Watch as we twist and turn,

not one blade of grass the same, 

angel armies whisper over each name, 

and the daisies laugh across the surface of my body

so that you do the same. 

Life is full of love, my dear, 

kiss my branches

wipe your tears.

Whispered the Divine Mother

"The earth laughs in flowers."

I Am Calm & Certain
That Life is Full of

Have you ever spent time with the trees and flowers in silence? Tell me about it.

In The Name of the Moon

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