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Wilma Mankiller & The Quarter for Women’s Rights

Wilma Mankiller just made the Quarter. Aside from the fact that she has the awesome last name “Mankiller,” I am not sure this movement prophesies …

Rabbit Holes

Should I Ghost Social Media? (Ai Taps in)

x. .   I have decided to ghost social media. I grew up and the world grew up with me but I never found social …

Rabbit Holes

Do You Know What You Were Born for?

If you try to search on Google “What was I born for?” a million little tests and quizzes and even astrological assessments will pop up …


Life is Hilarious

The spirit in the body rolled on the floor  Laughing. Everything had gone dead wrong  So many times. And on trial 3000 She changed up …

Rabbit Holes

Exploring the Realms of Visual Poetry in 10 Steps

What is Visual Poetry you ask? Well, it’s just something that came out of me in the night bursting at the seams. That’s what all …

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