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Baptizing the Witch in Jacksonville, FL

Living in Jacksonville Limbo How was I supposed to create anything in suburbia hell? I’d been in Jacksonville for a month. I was living with …

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Can Witches Really Fly?

Women are witches. It is a story that has long been known to us. We have dreams in the night, sometimes they tell of what …

Rabbit Holes

Sobriety: A New Kind of ALíEN

I started smoking the sweet Mary Jane at 11 years old. I had to go to the public library in Damascus, MD, to work on …

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Why I am at a Vipassana Meditation Center Right Now – Eric Frey

Why I’m at a meditation center right now      Hello! A common question I get is why I’m volunteering at a meditation center in …

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My Manifested Curriculum for Growth

I find myself back on Dhamma Land and ready to sit my 5th silent 10-day course. As soon as I arrived, I began feeling gross …

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